Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to Zane! 

Zane is 2 years old!

Two years ago, on June 25, we were driving from Washington, DC to Massachusetts to deliver. Stupid 6 hour drive I know. Well, we didn’t make it, and Zane decided to come at a random stop in New Jersey!

Turns out my labor was faster than most of my patients I know.

Well, he is turning into quite the intelligent young man. But along with his intelligence is his goofy self too. Which makes him all the more lovable!

His favorite word is “no!” His favorite non-family member is Mahamat our guard, who always picks him up to get mangos or guavas, or maybe even a leaf from the mango tree. Zane loves his cat, Thor, and picks him up even though he is almost half Zane’s size now. His favorite toy is a ball, in any form.

He has a precise way of communicating. He starts off the first part of his sentence in a normal voice volume, then finishes the sentence with a whisper. We’re hoping he stops this by the time he turns 18 and goes on dates.

“I want (in a normal voice) water (in a whisper).”

Not THAT much has changed since Zane’s birth. His favorite outfit is still his birthday suit! Of course who could blame him in the heat of Tchad!

Right now he is trying to jump rope with Daddy. In his birthday suit of course. Zane, not Daddy!

We are very thankful to have Zane a part of our lives! Thank you to all of those who continue to pray for our little missionary.