Sunday, February 6, 2011

#23 Lyol Turns Two


Okay, so he didn’t say it when he first saw the cake, but he did eventually say “moo” (only after being prompted by asking “what does a cow say?”)

I had spent a few hours Sunday afternoon making Lyol’s spectacular cake.  Mom had brought a chocolate fudge cake mix and chocolate frosting (my wonderful sister insisted on her bringing it!), and I put it to good use.  Our friends Mindy and Scott had sent us a care package and there was white frosting in it too!  I didn’t have any eggs, so I tried to substitute with corn starch, lime, and a little extra water.  

I cleaned off the cover to our stove to use as a cake platter.  When I dumped the cake upside down to put in on the ‘platter’, half of it fell apart.  I don’t know if it was to hot still, or if it really needed eggs.  Oh did make it easier to ‘mold” into it’s new form, a cow’s head.  I couldn’t wait forever for the cake to cool, so it was a little warm when I put on the yummy frosting (bought state side).  The end product was a brown and white cow head, with black danish candy eyes (thanks Sarah) and dried apricots for the nose.  

The only streamers I could find was our pink toilet paper.  I KNOW Lyol will appreciate me some day when he looks back at the pictures and sees all the PINK for his 2nd birthday party, but the mall downtown had completely run out of streamers!  It actually fit in well with the cow theme because the gloves my dad blew up (we didn’t have any balloons) ended up looking like cow udders.  I think they matched nicely with the pink ‘streamers.’  

The Sunday evening party was planned for 5, but started with African style after 6 pm with 16 of us in all.  The theme was of course COWS (barnyard theme).  We lit the 2 candles (well 3 actually because one was a number 2) and sang happy birthday.  

“...Happy birthday dear Lyol, happy birthday to you!”  Little Lyol is growing up!  He’s a big fat 2 years old now.  Potty training, abc’s, counting, learning to read (okay well he thinks he can).  And to think that he was only a whoppin’ 8 pounds 1.5 ounces 2 years ago!  He’s healthy and growing and I am so thankful God has put him into our lives.  What a wonderful gift each day!

I wanted him to get filthy dirty since that didn’t happen last year with his cake.  But, seems our little boy doesn’t like to get dirty for pictures.  Again, not much frosting on his face this year.  Oh well, maybe some year.  He went straight for the candy eyes (Why would I want cake, mom, when there’s candy?).  I eventually took the candy from him so he would eat the cake.  

I made everyone play charades (barnyard theme and things Lyol would do in his 2nd year).  From Olen pretending to be a sheep by laying over to be sheered, to one of our aviation volunteers (Arthur) pretending to wet the bed, at least it was humorous for me to watch everyone make a fool of themselves!  (Hee, hee, hee).

Any reason is good enough to have a party, but it’s especially nice when you get to celebrate your little angel’s birth.  How a person changes in 2 years!

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  1. Happy Birthday Lyol! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Mom and dad made it back and came back in through 25 inches of snow one of the largest in Oklahoma history. Praying for you daily.