Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aunt Bekki's pictures of a 2-year-old mission kid

Hippo watching! note those log-looking things.

Waiting for Gramma's Call

Riding home
Going on visits with Tammy (Mrs. Dorcas).  The other lady in the picture is blind and needed a new grass roof that we plan to rebuild.  Mrs. Dorcas loves me :-)
I take drumming Tch 101
God provides me with playmates and play things, rocks!  But I do get a big dirty.

OK, my parents are interested in my learning how to use this contraption.  I do use it most of the time and am dry at night.

I dine like a king, well I think so. I have
my fan mail, mom's cell phone, books,
and yummy Tchadian food.
Come visit me, I'll show you how to drum.
Yes, even a king needs a bath!

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