Sunday, September 16, 2012

To the tune of Three Blind Mice:

Two sick men.  Two sick men.  
Dad and Olen.  Dad and Olen.
My dad was in agony writhing away.  While Olen passed out on the couch for 2 days.  Hydrocodone and Quinine IV were the drugs for these Two Sick Men.  Two Sick Men.  

Two sick men.  Two sick men.
See how they lay.  See how they lay.  
My dad was in a fetal position.  In between pretending to be-ee okay.  Olen lay back with his mouth dropped wide open, an arm propped up attached to a drip.  Oh, Two sick men.  Two sick men.  

Two sick men.  Two sick men.  
What do they say?  What do they say?
My dad doesn’t have many words, but does say that “this really hurts.”  Olen tries to speak english to the french speaking visitors.  He’s not quite right.  In the head.  Two sick men.  Two sick men.  

Olen’s getting better.  Olen’s getting better.  
My dad’s still in pain.  My dad’s still in pain.  
It’s been 3 days of treatment and Olen’s finally off of IV and onto oral quinine.  My dad is off to better doctors, CT scans, and perhaps lithotripsy.  

Oh, for two well men.  Two well men.  

Follow up:  
I wrote this blog over a month ago while Olen and my Dad were both sick.  Thankfully they both have fully recovered.  Olen, to stay here with me.  And my Dad to go back to the states.  His kidney stone passed sometime in between France and Oklahoma.  My parents have been back in the states a month now.  My mom’s brother has throat cancer and it was very helpful for my mom to be in the states with him for the transition to hospice care this past week.  Mom and Dad are coming back to Bere next week.  Please pray for my mom’s brother, Ron, with his diagnosis of terminal throat cancer.  

Danae, the well doctor :-)

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  1. creative :) and I'm thankful that you are healthy!