Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hawaii and Oprah

So, we'll be headed back to the states in late-July so Danae can pop out another baby (they seem to come out just that easy, pop, right Dear?) in early-August. Then we'll have vacation until late-October. We've accumulated maximum vacation time and we're blowing it all this year to celebrate the newest baby and get him/her as pudgy and vaccinated as possible before we return to Tchad.
We'll be a family of five and we were thinking that a hotel room might be a bit small for us for that extended period of time. So… we had the genius idea of a rental house! As it turns out, rental houses tend to run more than $20/day on the beach in Hawaii. Who knew?

Now, I've heard that Oprah has a pretty decent pad there, so I was just wondering if any of you knew her and could ask her permission. I'm pretty sure she'd be cool with a missionary family crashing her place, right? I usually leave the toilet seat down and everything.

Anybody guilt-ridden for not sufficiently supporting the missionaries to Africa, who has a beachfront Hawaiian mansion, we could assuage their guilt.

I wonder if we could turn this into a tax write-off for Oprah?

olen and danae

Olen phone: +235 62 16 04 93
Danae phone: +235 62 17 04 80

Olen et Danae Netteburg
Hopital Adventiste de Bere
52 Boite Postale
Kelo, Tchad


  1. Congrats on the new baby! Wow must be something in the sand and wind in Tchad to bring all of these babies!

    Also checking on your text this morning about Zane. What is going on? Is he ok? I've been praying as have many others today. I posted on FB - hope that was ok. Please update when you can...

  2. I wish I had a home in Hawaii so I could let you stay there.

  3. I know it's a small step down from Hawaii, but you're more than welcome to crash at our place in Indianapolis any time :-) (we might even provide free breakfast and wifi! take that hawaiian beachfront resort!)