Thursday, November 14, 2013

Philanthropy Has Feet!

(This is blog the penultimate and number five in the series. Feel free to take a few minutes and scroll to the first blog and read your way up.)

We are often asked, How can I best celebrate National Philanthropy Day tomorrow? Ok, not in so many words. But people love to ask how they can help. Which works out well, because we have needs. Well, I suppose we could continue with the same old, same old, but if we really want to improve, improving involves change. So if you really want to know how you can help and enter into a partnership with us in our ministry in Tchad, get ready…

1.   Continue reading our blog. Looky-there! You’re already helping! You philanthropist, you! Link it on Facebook. Tweet it. Feels good to philanthropize, doesn’t it? (Not to be confused with philander! Way less risky and way more helpful. Also, doesn’t require antibiotics afterward.) Tell people about the work God is doing in Tchad. Don’t tell people about us. It’s truly not about us. You could replace us with any number of people and the work here would continue without a hitch. We are all replaceable. It’s just so humbling that God chooses to use us. What a partnership! Every time we get so caught up with how important and integral we are to spreading God’s Holy Word, we go on vacation and come back to the realization that things actually IMPROVED while we were gone! God can work with ANYBODY!

2.   Pray for us. I bet you can go two for two so far! Who knew being a philanthropist was so easy! And free!!!

3.   Pick a missionary, any missionary. There are a bunch of us, and we’re not all in Tchad. In fact, there are missionaries in whatever country you’re in. Either at home or abroad, adopt a missionary. Maybe as a Sabbath School class, a Bible study group, a school classroom or a school as a whole, a group of colleagues at work, maybe even an entire church, church district, conference, whatever. Adopt a missionary. Send them encouraging emails or even snail mail. Send them a care package.

4.   Visit. Visit us or another mission site. And then imagine, just imagine, what it would be like to be a missionary. It’s stressful, hard, time-consuming and the most rewarding thing you could EVER do with your life. That’s a guarantee. Consider becoming a self-supporting missionary; a missionary or missionary family with a network of people who raise money to pay their travel and living and outreach expenses. Many families are currently doing this. You can too! It’s living by faith at its rawest. It’s intimidating, but amazing.

Ok, the ultimate in our series of Gratitude and Remembrance is tomorrow, National Philanthropy Day!!!

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  1. Hello from across the ocean. Just had a nice little blog reading fest and got all caught up on the gratitude! Can I tell you what I am grateful for? That 2 years ago you decided not to listen to the nay Sayers and took a chance on a crazy girl who wanted desperately to go to Tchad. You changed my life. And I look up to both of you immensely and am in awe of the work you are doing and the positive and non judge mental way you go about it. Sending love your way. Janna