Saturday, September 20, 2014

Other Contact

For those wanting to stay more in touch, we often post medical pictures and other such things on Facebook. I've been informed Facebook is only for old people, but hey, we're aging gracefully. We're not yet hip enough to tweet much. Anyway, it's Feel free to friend me. If we ever become cool enough to tweet regularly (although I've been told that even Twitter is now, like, so totally passé), we're @netteburgs.

Now I just need to figure out these hashtags... #poundsign #numbersign #whatdoesthisdoanyway #itsreallyhardtotypewithoutspacesandpunctuationthisisjustwaytoounnaturalwhatareweteachingourkidspleasemakeitstopigottagetouttaheresendmebackonthenextplanetotchadwherethemostadvancedtechnologyisthehospitalschainlinkfenceyoucanhitchyourdonkeyto

By the by, Adventist Health International is so awesome, they don't actually take any of your donation to pay their overhead. That's right, 100% of your donation now comes directly to Bere. It's like you can give 10% more! Woo-hoo! #woohoo #whydidijusthashtagthat #ifyouneedmoremilesyoushouldjustdonateusmoneyonyourcreditcardbabyswipeaway

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