Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Olen's Go Bag

So since the church agreed to let me stay alone in Tchad five weeks ago, I agreed to have a "Go Bag", meaning I could walk into my house and walk out of my house five seconds later with a bag of essentials should I be notified of a reason to evacuate. In case you're interested of what exactly goes into a "Go Bag", here's my list:

Computer Bag. 
Two straps for closing and carrying. 
Water bottle full and attached to the outside. 
Lots of zip ties. 
Clif Bars x 2. 
Boxers x 2. 
Pants x 2. 
Shirts x 4. 
GPS x 2 with new batteries. 
Phone charger with USB adapter and US-Europe adapter. 
USB drives with important information x 2. 
Headlamp with new batteries. 
Antibiotics, azithro and doxy. 
Malarone for malaria. 
Metronidazole for amoebas. 
Misoprostol for, um, gastritis. 
Cash, Central African francs and US dollars. 
House keys for America. 
Can opener. 
Fingernail clippers. 
Toilet paper. 
Two notebooks of AHI finances. 
Papers to travel with our dogs. 
Nissan papers and keys should I need that car. 
4Runner papers and keys should I need that car. 
Yamaha motorcycle papers and keys should I need it. 
Moto Dame motorcycle papers and keys should I need it. 
Yellow fever vaccination card. 
AHI memorandum of understanding with the Tchadian government. 
Driver's license. 
California physician's license. 
Social security card. 
Loma Linda faculty card. 
Insurance cards x 2. 
Credit cards x 3. 
Tchadian driver's license. 
Bere hospital ID. 
Passport photos x 2. 
Frequent flyer card. 
Spare Tchadian SIM cards x 3. 
Cameroonian SIM card. 
Paper clip. 

That's a Go Bag. 

Editor's note:  Olen's coming to America on Thursday to meet his very pregnant wife (that's me!), so shouldn't need this Go Bag much longer.  My parents, Rollin and Dolores Bland, are returning to Chad tomorrow.  We're planning on returning in January, post baby and OB oral boards.  


  1. My heart aches for your limbo situation. My heart rejoices the birth of your new little one! God speed, Olen.

  2. Thank you guys soooo much for going to staying in and going back!!!! You are TRUE heros