Friday, April 29, 2016


We celebrated Valentine’s right this year. Lyol woke up early (as usual) and started making 20+ valentines for everybody on the compound. Pretty cool that he’s learning to write.

And we had a big ole goat feast at Naomie’s too. Good stuff.

And we have other big news for Valentine’s.

We are adding to our family.

Kinda quick right after having a baby and potentially dangerous, but… we’ve never really shown good judgement in the past. No reason to start now.

It was actually all Danae’s idea. She was the one who wanted it. Not me.

In fact, this may be a sign of the end, conforming to local customs to too extensive of a degree, losing touch with what would be normalcy in America.

It may be time to notify the church General Conference and inform them Danae has ‘gone native’ and it’s time to bring her back home.

I give you Val…

Val is unsure of her new home

Danae leads her new Valentine gift


  1. THIS IS THE BEST NEWS!!! I have always wanted a camel. May the newest member of your family bring you joy, laughter and many traveled miles.

  2. I'm catching up on your posts and as usual love reading what you are all up to. Way to go with Val! Prayers continue for you and the family. Thanks for sharing life through your words and pictures .