Friday, December 2, 2016

Ho Hum

Thursday, November 10, 2017

Today was Ho-Hum.

Here on the homefront, everything is fine. The three kids are actually being very well behaved, considering their mother is gone.

Juniper is still in the ICU getting IVs and having her blood phlebotomized every four hours. Her hemoglobin dropped from 12 to 6.8 and they say if it gets any lower they will transfuse her. I’ve seen kids do great here with malaria and hemoglobins of 4. I don’t know why kids anemic with malaria can do so great and with other diseases do so poorly or why adults with malaria at 4 do so poorly, but I’ve seen it thousands of times, so I’m not that worried. Anyway, the girl is a pincushion, but Danae is reporting to me that she’s starting to eat and play a bit and that the entire team taking care of her is awesome. So I’m comfortable knowing that Juniper will make a full recovery. They are still trying to parse out whether or not she also has the type of malaria that can hide out in your liver for weeks or months or years. Apparently they have sent out a whole bunch of labs which will come back… eventually.

For Danae, we’re just waiting until her exam tomorrow with another retinal specialist.


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