Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cute Ass

Cute Ass

Well, yes, mine is.  Butt.  

This one is even cuter!  And my dear husband got her for me for Christmas!  As the kids were busy tearing into their stockings, Olen asks, “Do you want to see your present?”

“Why, yes! I do!”  I wondered what could be so big that it didn’t make it inside overnight.  

I peered outside into the bright winter wonder land of the African heat.  Okay, no winter wonderland.  Just hard, swept dirt yard.  With camel poop by the front gate because that’s where Val likes to stand.  Right in front of our gate.  On the sidewalk.  So no one can get in or out without ducking under her big head peering over the gate.  

I ducked under Val and walked out by the main gate.  

There attached to my makeshift uneven bars WAS. A. BABY. DONKEY!  I LOVE her.  My husband listens to me!  I want to become a Fulani person.  Fulanis have donkeys.  They ride them.  Their children even look a little like donkeys because they shave their heads to have a little mohawk when they are little.  Just like Juniper has now.  

Now I have a REAL cute ass.  She is 10 months old.  She is still unnamed.  Suggestions welcome.  For the moment, we’re leaning toward Jill.

And now we almost officially have a zoo.
2 dogs.  Sheba and Midnight
3 cats.  Lucy, Tailspin, and Sam
1 camel.  Val
1 donkey.  My Christmas present
1 hedgehog.  Kids’ Christmas present
And 4 kids makes a zoo complete.  

At least nothing grew in my yard pre-big animals anyways.  Therefore it is not a loss that nothing will ever grow!  

Update since this was written.  We now have 2 hedgehogs and 7 baby kittens from Lucy and Tailspin.

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