Tuesday, November 29, 2011

#81 Bald

So Mom has arrived. One dose of chemo, one cell booster shot, one good cell count, 24 hours of travel, 300 pounds of luggage and a three-hour flight in a four-seater plane... and she’s arrived. She’s in great health and great spirits. She’s enjoying an interlude of feeling great before her next dose of chemo right when she gets back to the states.

During her next round of chemo, she’s expected to lose her hair.

I think it would be great to send her pictures. Pictures of bald guys. Or bald women. Famous. Infamous. Doesn’t matter. If you’re bald, take a picture of yourself and email it to her. If your spouse, parent/child, grandparent/grandchild, aunt/uncle, neighbor, teacher/professor, nephew/niece, friend, coworker, lunch-lady, supermarket checkout guy, etc is bald, take a picture and email it to her. If you have a favorite famous bald athlete, actor, politician, etc, download a picture and email it to her. If you lost your hair to chemo, send her your bald picture and your post-chemo hair picture. If you’re a college guy looking for an excuse to shave your head, buy a pack of cheap bics, shave it, take a picture and send it to her. If your boyfriend broke up with you, shave your head and send her a picture. (Or shave his head while he’s asleep, take his picture and send it to her.)

So there’s your assignment. At least Google ‘bald’ and download/send her the first hit. I want her to have an overwhelming inbox of beautiful, acceptable, common bald people when she gets home.

Her email is rknetteburg@yahoo.com

Go to it.

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