Friday, December 16, 2011

#82 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Or more correctly, hair yesterday, gone today.

Mom and Dad just left yesterday for the states. They had spent two and a half weeks with us. Mom got the approval from her doctors after her first dose of chemo and had a blast. We all had a blast. Well, I should just speak for myself. I had a blast. And I perceived (correctly or incorrectly) that others had a blast. That should about cover the political correctness.

Mom got a little bummed that her hair started falling out, but we decided to shave it shorter and shorter until it came time for the razor. Then she just got shaved to skin. Then she got a sweet henna tattoo! That’s my mom, the biker chick with the sweet tatt on her head! She also learned lots of nice ways to use head wraps like Africans. We’ll see if she goes with the head wrap or the bare tatt for church.

Mom forbid me from shaving my head, but she didn’t say anything about a haircut. So I just decided to go with the 1/16th of an inch trim. I did it myself after midnight the day they left. Go solidarity! Can’t let Mom be the only bald one having fun.

This morning, Lyol woke up saying, ‘Go see Gamma, Gampa?’ Well, no boy. Gamma and Gampa went home. For the last two weeks, Lyol has woken up and asked to go see his Gamma and Gampa every morning between 6 and 7 in the morning. He was bummed this morning.

It’s been kinda like January 2 around here today. All the big holidays feel like they’re done already, but work/school hasn’t really gotten into full swing. Just kinda dragging. You know the January 2 feeling, right?

Anyway, love you, Mom (and Dad). Good luck with chemo! We’ll be thinking of you.

(By the way, Mom. I should’ve shaved my head long ago. The freezing cold showers go by much faster now.)

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