Friday, December 23, 2011

#84 Projecting

Ok, so we’ve had lots of people ask what projects we have going on and how they can help...

First, let me reiterate... The greatest help you can offer us is your prayers. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

Second, come visit us!

Ok, now I know when people ask, they’re actually talking about money stuff. And the question seems to come up more in December for whatever reason. Must be that giving spirit.

So here it is... a nice little list of ways we can put your money to use. I need to give a couple disclaimers, however. You will never catch me saying that we are a more worthy cause than some other cause. How can I be the judge of that? All I know is that if you choose to donate money to Bere, I can assure you that AHI (as well as myself personally) will assure that your money goes to what you want it to go to. I know what your money goes to, and I know that they are all important and worthwhile goals. However, if you donate to another organization, odds are good that your money will be appreciated and used appropriately and responsibly and will be meeting a need as well. Whether you give a gift to us or to somebody else, I just encourage you to make a sacrifice and give. Don’t make me break out Malachi on you. And give the good sheep, not the blemished one!

Also, it’s tax-deduction season! Friends don’t let friends finish December 31 without maximizing their charitable contributions tax-deduction! Happy Tax Loophole Celebration Month!!! Only five more Tax Loophole Days left before January 1!!! Remind everybody on FaceSpace or MyBook or whatever the kids are using these days. And don’t forget, everybody’s connected by six degrees of separation at the most, so somebody out there must know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who... anyway... I want this blog on Bill Gates desk by Monday, people.

Current projects:
1. Public health outreach. Visiting the 21 neighborhoods of Bere and doing one week of health lectures, teeth pulling, etc in each neighborhood. Budget is almost $11,000, but I'm pretty sure we can trim the fat back to $7,000. As far as I know, it's completely unfunded, but we're moving forward in faith. This outreach is crucial.
2. Fencing in the new buildings of the hospital and the new doctor's (my in-laws') house. Close to $20,000. Can't imagine it would be more than that.
3. New private ward. Funded almost entirely already! Three cheers for A Better World Canada!!!
4. Building a room to house our new generator and the old generator together and new wiring. $5,000. Completely unfunded.
5. New OR. At least partially funded by our home church already. Possibly even fully funded. Go Springfield First SDA Church!!!
6. New doctor's house (for my in-laws). I would guess about $40,000, maybe a bit more. Completely unfunded. My in-laws arrive in February and will be living with us until we get their house built. I love my in-laws, but...
7. Truck to find and transport supplies for building projects. To help us find quality supplies and save on transport costs. $50,000 for a new vehicle, but we could definitely make do with a used one. In reality, we can survive without this. This is just one of those ‘If I had a million dollars’ kind of things.
8. New maternity ward. I would guess about $25,000, maybe a bit less. Completely unfunded.
9. Toilets for pediatrics. Completely unfunded.

Way in the future projects and completely unfunded:
New lab.
New ER.
New medicine ward.
New surgical ward.
Nursing school. This is an interesting one. Tchad desperately needs more good nurses and a nursing school is the way to do this. I think we can create the best nursing school in the country, but this one will cost a lot. This should probably be a higher priority, but I really want to have my financial ducks in a row before I tackle this one.

Way, way in the future projects and completely unfunded:
New pediatric ward.
New chapel.
New administrative building.
Computer school.

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