Friday, March 9, 2012

#97 Liberation

Sewing, sewing, sewing. That’s what my mom has been doing to help me get ready for Woman’s Day today.

There’s not much in Bere market to buy, but I wanted to have all of our women look alike for the big parade. I found some black and hot pink fabric. It’s pretty cheap quality, but it would have to work.

I was thinking that I would make something, but hadn’t decided what other than a banner.

I talked to the women of the church and they REALLY wanted T-shirts. When you have matching T-shirts, then you are in unity. However, you can’t just buy T-shirts in Bere.

Then I remembered that I had a bunch of printed T-shirts given to us that we brought on our container. I was saving them for our blood drive, but no one has wanted to organize the blood drive. As I started looking through them again I found plain black T-shirts. There were over 20!

We decided to make head wraps too. So mom has been busy overcasting the edges so the cheap fabric won’t fray. She also sewed all the letters on the banner!

Today we were READY! All dressed alike and in unity!

The day of liberation for the women of Tchad. Madame Augustine made a fun little song with a catchy tune that everyone sang together.

Our song translated into English:

“It is the National Holiday, March 8 is the day of liberation for the women of Tchad.”

“We work to prove to men that we are not slaves.”

“This holiday was organized by our friend the President Idris Deby.”

“Men, do not beat women because we are also like you.”

It’s sad that even on this day of liberation for women, I find myself wishing they had a better life. It’s great that they can actually have a day for them to say that they are liberated. But they are far from being liberated. It’s a common thing to beat your wife here. Even in the church. I know that happens back in the states, but at least people know it’s not okay there. Not that that makes it better.

Next year I’m gonna prepare some sort of a speech. I’m gonna really get myself in trouble!

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