Sunday, March 11, 2012

#98 Writings from a 3-year-old

Writings from a Three Year Old (written in February)
by Lyol Netteburg

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Lyol. Happy birthday to you.

That’s my favorite song to sing. Well for the past 2 weeks. You see, I just had a birthday. We had a party and invited lots of people over. Mommy and Tammy made a Thomas the Train cake. Tony gave me a soccer ball. We had a contest between two teams to see who could make the best train out of construction paper and pipe cleaners. They were both so cool! I loved them both.

Singing is my favorite thing in the whole wide world to do. My actual favorite song to sing is called “Who built the ark?” But mommy and daddy are tired of that song.

Two weeks ago we went to the big city of NDJ for several days. Daddy went to meetings and me and Zane hung out with Mommy. One day we went to the big city market. I walked a LOT. Mommy got tired of walking around with us, so we hung out under an arabic lady’s umbrella. One older arabic woman must have thought I looked starving. She bought me an expensive apple and some cookies.

One day when daddy wasn’t in his meeting we went camel riding! Before we came to Tchad, mommy had promised to buy me a baby camel. She hasn’t followed through on her promise, but at least riding a camel is closer to the deal than before. I rode with daddy and Zane rode with mommy. When we were at the river our camel kneeled down in the water with us on his back. I thought it was going to roll over next! I loved the camel and pray that we get one of our own someday!

So what’s new in Bere? We have new visitors. Beatrice and Norberto are visiting. They pretty much came for my birthday and then decided to stay 3 more weeks. Cristin is new too. She brought mommy lots of presents from people back home.

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