Friday, July 20, 2012

One (by Lyol Netteburg)

“Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Biiiiiiiiirthday dear ZANE.  Happy Birthday to you!”

So Zane had his birthday on the 25th of June.  All of the important people were here.  Like Cherise.  Um, there was Cherise... Cherise.

Oh and her parents.  And Bronwyn, Athens, and Carlie.  And Mommy and Daddy.  And Marci, Allah, Julie, Mahamat, Allah’s parents, Isabel... Janna couldn’t come ‘cause she was taking care of sick kids in the hospital.

Everyone paid so much attention to my LITTLE brother.  Don’t they see who is the BIG brother?  

Zane’s cake was pretty cool.  I like balls and so does Zane.  Mommy and Bronwyn put yummy frosting to decorate baseballs, a basketball, and even a soccer ball.  

I guess I like my brother.  He’s the only one I got.  He’s getting more fun to play with now that he can walk a little.  I can still do so many things he can’t though.  Like jump, run, talk in sentences and wipe my own bottom (sometimes I even use toilet paper!!!).  Those are all pretty important things.  
I like to try to convince Zane to do things I know I would never get away with.  He usually gets away with everything because he’s a baby.  They even still call him “Baby Zane”.

But I guess now he’s big because he turned one.

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  1. Praise God for allowing Zane to celebrate his birthday, may he continue to bless him with health and strength. Happy Birthday Zane!