Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Special Contest

Answer the following question:

Which is grosser? 

1.   A million flying termites attacking the lights on the post surgical wards and maternity.  Seriously, millions of them.  

 2.  Olen’s underarm abscess.  

Take a look at the photos.  You be the judge.  I know the truth.  

They are both pretty gross.  

Olen’s sulking because I’m exposing his problem in hopes of grossing everyone out.  Abscesses thrive in Chad for some reason.  I’ve seen them here on pretty much EVERY place possible on the human body.  The cure for an abscess is to drain it.  Yuck.  I usually say that every day here for some reason or another.  There are a lot of abscesses here.

As for the termites...Everyone is thrilled.  There will be good eating for a few days.  Termites are rich in protein and oil.  Yuck.  As the termites swarmed in tonight, people were running to get their basins and buckets to collect them.  You can’t deny free food here.  

olen and danae



Olen phone: +235 62 16 04 93
Danae phone: +235 62 17 04 80

Olen et Danae Netteburg
Hopital Adventiste de Bere
52 Boite Postale
Kelo, Tchad

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  1. Lol, yuck indeed. Thanks for the gross out. You both are awesome! :)

    Hugs and prayers and lots of smiles


  2. Termites. They are SO disgusting!

  3. That is a pretty great abscess. Particularily sexy for your woman. Rewarding I&D? Termite feasting wins for me

  4. The nasty armpit made me really queezy...

    Katie F.

  5. I'll vote armpit so I don't hurt Dr. Olen's feelings, but really, boils can be lots of fun. (When you're the one watching, anyway.)