Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Nana

Happy Birthday Nana

Nana, as Zane and Lyol like to call my Mom, just had a birthday.  We won’t say her age, but it’s one of the decades.  

To celebrate we threw a party.  We decorated a cake to look like a black flower (one has to use their imagination).  

Olen picked out music from each of the 7 decades (oops) and we all had to guess what decade it was from.  The music from the last 2 decades definitely seems to run together.  

Then we guessed what decade mom did certain things in her life.  Some of the interesting things…..

1st grandchild: 1990’s
1st boy she liked: (um my dad of course, what are you people thinking?), was the 1960’s 
1st car: 1960’s (a 1954 Ford)
1st garment sewn: 1950’s
1st loaf of bread baked: 1950 (it’s tasted yummy ever since)
1st grey hair: 2000’s
1st mission trip: 1960’s (went to Nigeria with a baby and pregnant….to live)
1st flower arrangement: 1970’s
1st camping trip: 1940’s
1st shot given: 1960’s
And of the best birthday EVER…..2010’s (this year of course!)

Happy Birthday to the best mom ever.  Who else would come to be in the boiling place on earth and live next to their daughter?

We love you!  Love Danae, Olen, Lyol, and Zane

Danae, Dad, Mom, Zane, and Lyol.  The cake was supposed to be a black flower,
but ran out of black so finished with orange.  Happy 70 years mom!
Lyol and Zane zonked after Nana's birthday party.
.theyjust could NOT stay awake any longer


  1. Happy Birthday! You are a beautiful family.

  2. Happy Birthday, Dolores! What a great way to spend your birthday! Lyol and Zane are growing so fast. Love seeing the pictures of them. Love Flo and Harold