Saturday, October 22, 2011

#63 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Sweet 15. Oh, wait, 16 is another year away. But still, she’s growing up and it’s only fair for a girl to just wanna have fun on her birthday.

Brichelle is one of the most amazing teenage girls there is. We’ve written about her before because she’s Lyol’s babysitter. Everyone loves her. Especially Lyol.

Everyone pitched in to make her day. Marci and Mayline were in charge of recreating Australia inside the Parkers’ home. Marci had brought huge rolls of white paper with her, so they made several murals of the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney at Night, The Australian Outback, and Australian animals. That Marci... such a talented drawer! Since Brichelle is 15 (Tchadian marrying age), they even made a Crocodile Dundee to take pictures by.

Brichelle’s favorite food is Sushi, so Dani’s asian roots came together too for that.

One minor glitch. A positive malaria test the day before her birthday. Poor Brichelle. Luckily she wasn’t vomiting for her birthday and was able to continue her pills.

I had the easy role to play. After work I went with Tammy, Brichelle and Naomi (Tchadian who knows a million languages) to the local “foot spa.” We went to an arabic lady’s house for the afternoon to get henna done on our feet. It was scorching hot inside her hut. But hey, a girl’s gotta feel pampered somehow here in Tchad.

After we were done, Cory arrived with the motorcycle to escort Brichelle back to her birthday party. After a big “surprise!” 18 party-goers were off to start a picture treasure hunt. Even though it was already dark, four groups set off to find various things to take pictures of. The person with the most points after an hour would be the winner. There were things like ......

A picture with a baby goat.
The picture with the most dogs in it.
The picture with the most cows in it.
A picture of a Tchadian couple holding hands.
A picture of the best Crocodile Dundee impersonator. (Lyol won easily.)
A picture of blueberries.
A picture of fish and chips.
A picture of the tiniest Tchadian money and the oldest Tchadian money.
A picture of a bouquet of pictures.
A picture of a Tchadian kid with an English-writing T-shirt.

Afterwards we ate and watched the picture show to determine the winner. Of course Brichelle’s team won! She’s so good!

It was quite a fun night. Even though 15 is marrying age, we hope Brichelle waits a little longer at least.

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