Monday, October 3, 2011

#59 Zain or Tigo

This is my first attempt at writing a blog. Anything is probably better than nothing for a kid who is only 3 months old.

I’ve only been back in Africa for a little over a month, but already I’m a celebrity. When my mommy goes to the market, she hears people calling from all directions, “Mamma Zane, Mamma Zane.”

Mommy and Daddy tell me they just liked my name, and that’s why they gave it to me. But I think maybe they are just using me as a conversation starter. The two main cell phone companies here in Tchad are Zain and Tigo. But mommy swears I’m not named after a phone company! When we got back from the states Daddy introduced me in church. He said my name was Zane...and the next one will be Tigo. I think you have to live here to get the joke. So now everybody knows my name and REMEMBERS it!

Mommy even texted Daddy one time and spelled my name wrong. She spelled it Zain instead of Zane. How bad is it when your own mommy can’t spell your name?

We are running into a bit of a problem though. The company Zain has changed their name to Airtel. I’m glad Mom and Dad didn’t name me that!

We’ve been having lots of fun in my first 5 weeks in Africa. Mommy has been on a sort of maternity leave for the first month, but goes in and helps Daddy when he needs it.

Apparently it’s been cooler with the rainy season. Even down to the high 70’s in the mornings sometimes. Mommy tries to appease all of the old village ladies and puts a hat on me to keep me “warm.” We wouldn’t want me getting cold in humid 80 degree weather! Do they not see the sweat dripping off my face?

Mommy, Lyol, and I went to the market several times this month. We now have a rolls royce buggy that we use when I’m not riding in mommy’s sling. Both Lyol and I sit in it. All of the kids in the village are so interested in it and want to push it. I think it’s fun to listen to them speak in Nangerie. I hope I can speak Nangerie soon, but for now all I can say is “Oh, ooooo, Oh, oooo.”

Last week was really fun for me. I got to go on another airplane ride to pick up my great Uncle Scott and Aunt Bekki. I pretended to be a pilot, but that didn’t last too long. People don’t trust kids my age to fly yet. Maybe someday I’ll be as cool as Gary is. Daddy left to go take a big exam, so we’ve been really missing him. We are praying for him. Please pray for him too. Mommy won’t let me do any new tricks like rolling over until Daddy gets back. I tell you, these parents, holding me back from my true potential!

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  1. A great post from the baby's perspective! Thanks for sharing it with us all.

    Blessings and Happy Week!