Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Writings from a 4-year-old boy

That’s right. I’m 4. Lyol Hadden Netteburg turned 4 years old yesterday.

With Cherise

With "Little" brother Zane

I wake up early (but can’t tell time so sometimes it’s midnight, sometimes 3am, sometimes 6 am), read books by myself (sometimes holding them right-side-up), and wipe my own bottom after going ca-ca (then smear whatever I didn’t completely get off onto my next pair of underwear). I am a big kid!

Mommy and Daddy threw me a big party yesterday (Jan 31). I had 3 cakes! Mommy actually heard me say that cake is too sweet. (Then Daddy threatened to take away my Netteburg Card. ‘Too sweet‘ is not in the Netteburg vocabulary.) 

I really like Lightning McQueen, so mommy made a cake that looked like him! Tammy and Brichelle made me a Lion cake, and Nana made me a vegan cake. Daddy made me two big checkered racing flags, so once I get my own race car, I will be ready to go! Pedal to the metal!

I even got to open presents just like Christmas! Birthdays are fun. Everyone watches you open presents.  Most people are happy for me and love watching me open presents. Others are just haters (cough, Zane, cough). I got some arm floaties to go swimming in the river with (or around the house if it’s in fashion that season). I got a few puzzles. (Note: If puzzles bore you, mix three of them together. This increases the degree of difficulty significantly and is guaranteed to make your parents happy.) I got a new pair of flip flops from the Moulders. I was so excited that they fit me perfectly! (I get more excited and defensive about shoes than a Hilton sister.) I got several small race cars too. 

Nana and Papa finally have their shipping container and they bring over new stuff everyday, but on my birthday, they got me and Zane a new wagon! As if we don’t stand out enough already! Brichelle brought Cherise, Zane and I out for a spin, and it is a sweet ride! It’s currently in the shop getting fitted for neon lights and spinners. 

In the fields

With Brichelle

Well, just wanted to let you know how big I’m getting. And how much older and wiser I am than Zane (who is just 1 ½ years old and still a baby).

Au revoir (bye),
Love, Lyol

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