Saturday, February 2, 2013

Zane reports on building project #2

Lyol and me surveying the site of the future private wards

I'm surveying Nana and Papa's house being started

January has flown by.  So much has happened that it seems like it’s been a whole year!  

So I hope you don’t mind if we just do a little picture diary.  You won’t believe your eyes unless we show you the pictures!  

As you can see it’s hard work directing all of the bosses, workers, volunteers, and of course my parents.  But somebody’s gotta do it.  It’s been a very, very busy month!

Building buildings is hard work, but my biggest project this year will probably be learning to go ca-ca on the toilet.  Maybe I’ll learn that too if I can pull my self away from this building project! 

Volunteers making windows

New maternity roof being started

Progress on maternity wards

The big man giving orders directly to Lyol and me.  We in turn tell Jamie who surveys all of the workers.  Lyol abnd I are pretty important.  That's our Nana by us.  I'm trying to stand up really tall so the big man knows I am big enough for this project.

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