Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Zane reports on building project #3

Inside Mommy's new delivery suite and consultation area

Inside the future new OR building
Two private wards with roof and outside walls done!
On the left is the private ward, in the middle is the OR building, on the right is part of the new maternity ward
On the left is the new corner of the OR building, in the center are the two maternity buildings, 
on the right is the corner of the private ward

The front of Nana and Papa's new house.  The roof and walls are done, now just for the inside walls and extra stuff!

This is my sweet stroller ride in front of our new 4 bedroom hotel.  Each will have it's own shower, toilet, kitchenette, and bed.  I KNOW you want to come visit us now!!!  Look at these fancy sidewalks! 


  1. The "one day" miracles! Churches, schools, hospitals and! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Bere is in my prayers.

  2. No way, it looks incredible!!!!!!:)

  3. WOW! I bet if I went back I wouldn't recognize anything!

    Keep up the good work for He will support you through it all.

  4. Looks amazing! So exciting, love the pictures!

  5. wowowowowow!! unbelievable all the changes