Friday, January 7, 2011

#14 Danae’s Confession #1

I REALLY don’t like cold showers!  Never have, probably never will.  It’s “cold season” here, but the LOWEST it gets here is probably 59 degrees F all night.  It makes for nice sleeping weather right now (I didn’t say the noises outside go away at night).  
So in the morning, I don’t really feel like taking a cold shower.  I tried to do it in the evening.  You know, after a long day’s work.  Wouldn’t it feel nice to take a nice, cold shower after working in the heat (funny since it’s “cold season”.....look out hot season) with dirty patients.  Nope, still don’t like that cold water running down my back.  
So I’ve resorted to heating water on the stove.  It’s for Lyol of course.  He hates cold showers too.  No, really he does.  And...I wouldn’t want him to get sick.  
Don’t worry.  It’s nothing fancy.  Lyol and I both bathe using a cup to pour over our heads.  And, no...I don’t have a nice bath.  The plastic basin is big enough for Lyol to sit in though.
Thankfully Olen is hard-core and takes cold showers.  At least one of us is.  For now I’m going to blame it on the pregnancy.  I don’t know what I’ll blame it on next year.  
I know.  I’m wimpy.  I’m in the “bush”, but not even living under bush-like standards.  I heat my water to bathe.  There.  I said it.  
Confession number 1 done.  Trust me.  You would rather me bathe than not.  
But of course if you come to visit, you should be hard core like the student missionaries here who live with the villagers.  I am thankful I HAVE a shower (even though it is cold).  
Hopefully in April when the temperatures are unbearably hot, I will welcome the wonderful cold shower.  We will see.  
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  1. Olen and Danae!
    I have read all your blogings and life seems so hecktick there! I am keeping you in my prayers and wonder if there's anything i can do.?
    For example, I could advertise to my people (the Aussies) for fun-rasing for an x-ray machine or an ultra-sound machine and ask all my doctory mates to help me out for a possible 2nd hand one...

    And Danae, you DO have balls! (figuratively speaking, of course)
    Olen, the 'voices' of doubt are proof that you are doing EXACTLY what God wants. Otherwise, why would the Devil try to turn you from this path??

    I miss you guys greatly and want to see you soon. I am so blessed to know such strong Christians!!! Your strength encourages others.

    Your lives seem like late Acts to me: from mid-Ch27 onwards. Crazy, God-centered adventure. with great lows and highs to balance it out. I pray that you feel at home in Tchad, like you belong there and that God keeps you and your family safe.
    With lots of love,
    Bianca Reynaud

  2. Olen and Danae rarely have the chance to browse and so would love to have you communicate with them directly re equipment.