Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#16 Writings from an almost 2-year-old missionary kid.

Today is Sunday.  I am happy because Mommy stays home on Sunday while Daddy sees patients at the hospital.  I had hot cereal for breakfast, and mommy even cut a mango to put in it.  Mommy says mango season is not usually until March, but I am happy that many mangos are coming on early.  
I am finally getting started at this talking thing.  Mommy hopes I learn English, French, Nangere, AND Arabic.  She says I have a better chance than her!  When I’m at the table, I just say “man-go”, and mommy gives me this yummy fruit.  I can’t wait until they are really in season and we have loads and loads of them.  
Yummy mangoes & I'm not sharing!  Get your own.
I also eat many bananas a day.  They are a little expensive right now because it’s not really their season either, but mommy buys them for me anyways.  They are about 10-20 cents each.  I could eat 10 bananas a day!  
I still take a nap in the morning and afternoon.  Mommy insisted on bringing many books for me (even though we didn’t have that much room), so I am happy to read them all day.  Many times I even cuddle with one or 2 when I fall asleep taking a nap.  Mommy hopes that someday I will want to sleep with a stuffed animal.  
Speaking of sleeping, I am VERY happy that I don’t have my own room yet because that means I get to sleep with mommy and daddy every night.  Mommy and Daddy are planning on remodeling though so I can have my own room!  I used to sleep in my own room, but now I am spoiled!
I love my new home.  I miss talking to my grandparents on Skype like we did in France though.  Two days ago my Gamma Netteburg and Auntie Kristin called on our mobile phone.  It was so fun to talk to them because I miss them.  
I can’t wait to see my Nana and Papa Bland.  They are coming to visit in less than a week!  They are planning on bringing my 2 sisters.  Mommy and Daddy call them our dogs, but they are like sisters

 to me.  The white one is Sheba and the black one is Midnight.  I still call all dogs here “Ba”, which is short for Sheba.  
Since I am growing up, it’s time for me to start using the toilet.  I like to say “caca” when I think I need to go poop (or if I already have gone).  Sometimes I think I pooped, but it’s just pee.  So I say it a lot.  Hopefully someday I’ll get the hang of this.  Mommy is happy we have a flushing toilet in the house!  There is no seat though, so I would fall in if mommy or daddy didn’t hold me.  I don’t really like the toilet yet.  But mommy is already tired of cloth diapers even though it’s only been a few weeks of using them.  
Monday through Friday I have a babysitter.  Her name is Luise.  She is from the Nangere tribe.  I can’t understand her yet, and neither can mommy or daddy, but they sometimes find a translator to help.  Most kids don’t wear diapers here, so she didn’t change my diapers enough at first, but now she is getting better (by the 3rd week).  Mommy doesn’t think older women here get the idea of playing with their kids.  Usually they have 10 kids, so the kids just play with themselves.  We also pay her to wash our clothes.  
We have a cook!  He comes in the morning and makes us lunch.  Sometimes he bakes bread too!  Mommy is happy he sifts the flour for her so she doesn’t have to see all the little black bugs!  He is Nangere too, but he speaks french.  Mommy is always worried that I won’t eat lunch because Luise has no sense of time.  For lunch, we eat white rice with some sort of vegetable sauce usually.  Sometimes we have spaghetti.  
I am excited to reunite with Brischelle, who will be my new babysitter!  She has been on a vacation in the states, but will be back next week!  I met her when I was 5 months old, and I really liked her!  She will be also doing homeschool, so mommy hopes she has time to fit both in.  She is just like a local because she has lived here for 1 1/2 years already.  

I’m also very excited about meeting my new best friend Cherise.  Her parents fly airplanes a couple kilometers away.  They’re missionaries too.  Cherise is four years old and everything I want to grow up to be. She’s very nice and plays with me and keeps me safe.
I love all the animals here!  They are right outside our door.  There are lots of chickens.  There are 3 horses we are watching for the Appels.  James and Sarah’s dog is called Caramel.  We have a little kitten in the house called Garfield.  Garfield had an traumatic accident before we came and now doesn’t walk very well, but I love him, and am happy to take care of him.  There are 2 or 3 other big cats that I like to pet, and sometimes pull their tails!  Outside our compound I can see pigs, goats, cows, donkeys, sheep... and all their cute babies right from our kitchen window.
Except for the yucky disease of malaria, the even yuckier medicine Quinine and my lingering fever for almost three weeks, I’m really enjoying it here.  I also enjoy that Mommy and Daddy are home more. I hope we stay forever.

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  1. Awww, Lyol, we miss you!! John's computer runs pictures as the screensaver, and Ben loves to watch them. He always jabbers to the screen when your picture comes up!

  2. So sweet Danae! I love hearing how he is doing and seeing pictures of his sweet face. Love that he is sleeping with you guys. There is nothing better!

  3. So cute Nae! We miss you. Avery Danae prays for baby Lyol every night. I think no matter how big he gets, He will always be baby Lyol to her. I hope things are starting to get better for you all.Love you and miss you guys,
    your sis,

  4. The comment is from me Emily that is above Danita's:)

  5. Michaela and Joshua loved their time in Africa! They were banana and mango lovers too!

  6. Oh my goodness! So cute!
    I miss you guys!!

  7. Awww that's cute !! You have a real good art in writing... :) God Bless You!