Sunday, January 23, 2011

#18 Urgent Need


If there’s anybody willing to adopt a Burkitt’s Lymphoma child or 100, we’re in desperate need of Cyclophosphamide. They usually require three doses... and each dose is $80 +/- shipping/handling from America. For $250, you can save the life of a child (usually about four to fourteen years old).
Please write urgently. When we have the money, we can order the medications and have my aunt and uncle bring them in a week. Or we’ll even pay for the shipment. At any given time, we have two or three patients at the hospital waiting for their treatment. These patients are coming from all across the country, because we have been donating this extremely expensive medication. Nobody would ever be able to afford it otherwise. In a country where 65% of the population live on less than $1/day, $250 is almost a year’s wages for some people.
This is an extremely aggressive cancer. Due to its aggressive nature, it responds very well to chemotherapy and usually resolves with just three treatments.  Also due to its aggressive nature, it will soon kill any child who has the disease. First it grows into their eye and they lose vision or develop double vision. Then it displaces their nose. Eventually, it grows across their nose and mouth until the child suffocates.
Four-year-old children who can easily be cured and prevented from having a slow, disfiguring death by suffocation. For $250.
I feel like this is the point where I should lay on the guilt trip really thick-like and put it in terms of Frappuccinos or BigMacs or something. But I’m too exhausted right now to do the math. Or to figure out how to spell Frappuccino. Frappucino. Frapuccino. Frapucino. Nope. Spellcheck doesn’t like any of them.
I realize that ‘in these tough economic times’ (how many times have we heard that phrase) $250 is a lot of money for most people. The vast majority of people, even in rich America, would need to work for days to earn that much money. And then to turn around and donate it all is a very difficult thing to do.
If you can’t donate that much, simply donate what you can. Or maybe pool your resources with coworkers, with family members, with your church family, with that guy at the YMCA who helps with your workouts, with the bank teller who always smiles, with your kid’s teacher, with anybody, I don’t care who. Maybe together you could sponsor a child and save a life. I don’t know of any other disease so highly aggressive, so highly curable and so completely dependent on a specific missing medicine. You are genuinely needed. You could genuinely save a life.
In exchange for your donation, I will send you before/after pictures of your specific sponsored child. In fact, I’ll even do it before/after each treatment. That’s six pictures! You can include them on your Christmas card even! What a deal! Wondering what to do with $250? Fix my Burkitt’s kids, save a life, have a sweet picture for a Christmas card!
I gotta be honest. I really don’t care what your motivation is. I don’t care what you do with the pictures. Just help me fix my kids. I’m out of IV cyclophosphamide. I have nine more doses of oral cyclophosphamide (which I don’t even have a clue if that’s gonna work). Then I’ve gotta look these kids and their parents in the eye and tell them, ‘Sorry.’ Please don’t make me do that. You can truly save a life.
Click on the link on the right to donate money to AHI. I hope the link works now. It wasn’t working earlier and I only have email, so I can’t fix it. If it doesn’t work, go to and search for the way to donate. I believe their are a few options. If you send a check, write in ‘Bere, Tchad - Burkitt’s’ on the memo line. If you use the PayPal option, write in ‘Bere, Tchad - Burkitt’s’ on the memo line.
You Might be in Tchad if...
Although initially put off by the sight of bats swarming your Emergency Room, you quickly accept them as a reasonable means of keeping the mosquito population under control.
You will notice on our blog,, that we have a link for donations. This is through Adventist Health International’s website. Please keep in mind that AHI takes 10% of the donation for administrative costs. However, AHI also provides us with invaluable support, and we believe strongly in the mission of AHI. We feel that AHI is an organization worth supporting. And remember that your gift is 100% tax-deductible.
Olen Tigo: +235 98 07 46 28
Olen Zain: +235 62 16 04 93
Danae Tigo: +235 98 07 46 27
Danae Zain: +235 62 17 04 80
Olen et Danae Netteburg
Hopital Adventiste de Bere
52 Boite Postale
Kelo, Tchad
Volunteers Welcome!!!


  1. Olen and Danae.
    Total amount is on the way..........
    I may not be there but help through you.

  2. From Olen's mom. He will be SOOOO very appreciative. These children weigh heavily on their minds. I clipped your note and forwarded it.

  3. Danae, I know that this has nothing toi do with your blog, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope that you get this since I have no other way of reaching you. Hope that you are enjoying the sun shower that Janelle and I told mom to bring you, because I didn't want you to have to have cold showers. Hope that your birthday is Chad is a good one.
    Love your sis,

  4. If anyone wants to send a check for the meds, we can purchase it here and take it with us to Olen and Danae Feb. 3. You will need to send us a check asap though. Make the check out to Clarkston SDA church- Bere Adventist Hospital. For expediencey please send the check to our house so we know how much we can purchase, we'll pass money on to the treasure and he will send you a tax donation. Our address is Bekki Gardner, 2565 26th St.,Clarkston, Wa. 99403. I am Olen's Aunt.