Monday, January 10, 2011

Olen's Mother's note

This is Ronnalee Netteburg, Olen's mother.  Since Olen and Danae pay per second of internet usage, they send their blogs to me, and I upload them.  They ask that you do not send pictures or forwards, because those are often very large files that take a long time to download.  They do, however, love to get personal notes from you.

Some people have asked for more information about AHI.  AHI stands for Adventist Health International, an Adventist NGO (non-governmental organization) based in Loma Linda, California.  AHI collects funding, equipment, and personnel for Adventist health institutions around the world.  AHI serves as a conduit for people who wish to support Olen and Danae's work at Bere Hospital. 
Please continue to pray for Olen and Danae and Lyol.  They face personal health challenges, even as they seek to help others with critical health needs. 

Friday I got through on the phone line...a first.  The international access code is 011 and Chad's country code is 235.


  1. Thanks Olen's mother! :)
    Your son, whom I call Mr. German, has been a mentor for years now. As you can guess, he taught me German 8 years ago now.
    I am praying daily for him and Danae and little beautiful Lyol, as well as the baby that's on the way!!

  2. Nelly, everyone has an affect/effect on certain others. Ask God to show you who you are to mentor. Olen's mom.